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Hurricane Matthew In Downtown Sanford

A couple at the Sanford Riverwalk along Lake Monroe as strong winds and rain continue from Hurricane Matthew in downtown Sanford, Florida. US President Barack Obama said southern Florida's population centers had dodged the worst of Hurricane Matthew Friday, although it remained "dangerous" with storm surges further up the coast a real concern. "The bigger concern at this point is not just hurricane force winds, but storm surge," Obama said in the Oval Office, stressing the threat to the Jacksonville area in northern Florida, up as far as Georgia. "I emphasize this is still a really dangerous hurricane," Obama said after receiving a briefing from aides including Craig Fugate, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. But Obama warned that residents of America's southeastern states should not let down their guard. "Pay attention to what your local officials are telling you," he said. "We can always replace property. We cannot replace lives."