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Driverless Car Hits The Britain's Streets

Driverless Car Hits The Britain Streets

A driverless car takes to Britain's streets for the very 1st time in Milton Keynes, England, UK. The electric powered pod drives through the streets at 5 mph turning corners and stopping as pedestrians crossed its path. The pod was developed by Oxford University spin out Oxbotica for this trial.

Transport Systems Catapult Neil Fulton said "But a lot of it is around gaining trust with the public. If people can see that these vehicles are capable of driving themselves they can gain trust in them."

The British government is encouraging tech firms to develop driverless cars, building a worldwide market it says will be worth $1 trillion by 2025. Carmakers Jaguar Land Rover and Ford are part of driverless car projects in Britain. Although there are still many legal obstacles to overcome. The aim is to get autonomous vehicles on the road by 2020.