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December 26th History

1900 - Auguste Strindberg's play Dance of Death is premiered in Sweden

1904 - Following months of unrest and riots ar Nicholas ll of Russia decrees that the conditions of the people, and particularly the peasants, will be improved

1907 - The first session of the Indian National Congress is suspended after clashes between moderates and extremists

1957 - Death of French film pioneer Charles Pathé.

1972 - Death of Harry S. Truman, American statesman and Democratic president 1945-53.

1974 - Death of American comedian Jack Benny, whose act was based around his parsimony and his violin-playing.

1989 - Nobel Prize-winning Irish dramatist Samuel Beckett dies in Paris at the age of 83

1989 - Death of Sir Lennox Berkeley, British composer whose works include Serenade for Strings and Four Poems of St Teresa

2003 - A massive earthquake  destroys the historic city of Bam in Iran, killing 25,000 people

2004 - Tsunami Storms Indian Ocean