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5 Buildings That Survive Climate Change

1. Taipei 101 - Taipei, Taiwan

One of the world's tallest building is equipped with a tuned mass damper. Huge steel ball stabilizes the building during earthquakes and strong typhoons.

Italy Pavilion

2. Italy Pavilion - Milano, Italy

This forest like buildings made from material that absorbs smog. On top of that, it's photovoltaic glass roof generates energy for the building.

3. Richardsville Elementary School Kentucky, USA.

This school produces more solar and geothermal energy than it consumes. Their energy contribution to the power grid even earns them $35,000 early.

Bosco Verticale Milan Italy

4. Bosco Verticale - Milan, Italy

These buildings are covered with 700 trees and 90 species of plants. The plants absorb rainwater, improve air quality, and regulate temperature all year.

Bullitt Center Seattle

5. Bullitt Center - Seattle, Washington

The greenest office, building in the world generates 60% more energy than it uses. The buildings runs so efficiently its tenants pay nothing for electricity.