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What Does It Take To Become Ultra Successful

super intelligence

An ongoing study suggests that drive and persistence only go so far. And that some of the most influential leaders of our age had what it takes at birth. The real key is super intelligence. That means scoring in the top 3% on the sat by age 13.

Researchers started studying these child prodigies in 1972. By 1997, they'd identified 5,000 individuals and discovered that most of these kids have 2 telltale abilities in common:

  • They can solve math problems they've never been taught.
  • They have exceptional spatial awareness - where they remember spatial relationships between objects.
So, the first step is nature, but the next leap is nurture. These kids must have room to excel by for example skipping grades. 

Ultra Successful

One study found that grade skippers were 60% more likely to earn a PHD than children of similar intelligence who didn't skip. With the right mix, these select few go on to become:
  • Eminent Scientists
  • Fortune 500 CEOs
  • Federal Judges
  • And Senators.
"When you look at the issues facing society now - whether it's health care, climate change, terrorism, energy - these are the kids who have the most potential to solve these problems." - David Lubinski, Co-Driector Of SMPY, Vanderbilt University.