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Saphonian - Bladeless Wind Turbine

Saphonian - Bladeless Wind Turbine

This might look like a broken satellite dish but it's actually a bladeless wind turbine called the Saphonian. It was developed by a startup called Saphon Energy. Inspired by a ship's sails, the design is similar to a fish's tail or a bird's wing. The turbine moves in a figure eight as it catches the wind, converting that motion into energy.

The company says the Saphonian was twice as efficient as a similarly sized traditional turbine in initial tests. And without blades to manufacture, it could be cheaper to make. With no blades, it doesn't interfere with radar or magnetic waves. It also doesn't make the humming noise larger turbines are known for. And the Saphonian could reduce bird and bat deaths since it doesn't have spinning blades.

The company has already signed an agreement with India for the construction of a Saphonian Park and hopes to bring the concept to other countries in the future.