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Olli - A Self Driving In Campus Bus

Olli Self Driving Bus

Olli is a 3D-printed self driving electric vehicle designed to streamline shared transportation systems around the world. As long as you have a smartphone, wherever you are is a bus stop. And wherever you're going is the next Stop.

Olli was born via the 2015 Urban Mobility Challenge: Berlin 2030 with the idea to transport students across campus efficiently and fill the gaps in the city's transit system or make moving across corporate grounds more enjoyable.

Olli combines an aluminium chassis with carbon-fibre body panels, along with several 3D printed parts, including the wheel wells, fenders and interior kick panels.

Olli helps reduce the output of emissions in dense urban areas and helps cut down on noise pollution too. It can drive itself using overlapping sensors like radar, lidar and cameras to see further ahead and react more quickly than a human.