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March 31st History

March 31st History

1820 - American missionaries arrive in Honolulu to spread the Word

1854 - Japan finally opens its doors to American traders.

1858 - China capitulates to British and French demands for trade Concessions.

1866 - Chile sides with Peru in war against Spain.

1889 -  Eiffel Changes Paris Skyline

1901 - German inventor Gottlieb Daimler names his latest 53 mph, four-cyclinder creation after his daughter, Mercedes.

1913 - New York's Ellis Island receives a record 6,745 immigrants in one day.

1913 - Sir George Sydenham Clarke lays the foundation stone of the Gateway of India in Bombay.

1934 - American bank robber John Dillinger escapes from police custody.

1964 - The tramway service ends in Bombay, India. The last electric tram leaves Bori Bunder (CST) for Dadar at 10 p.m., as crowds bid farewell.

1994 - The Indian Supreme Court orders closure of 11 industrial units around the Taj Mahal in Agra, India.