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Laser Dental Treatment - WPT

Laser Dental Treatment

Recent methods of treating gum disease involve the use of laser. Gum disease begins with bacterial growth around your tooth which could lead to the lose of your tooth. Due to destruction of the tissue that supports your teeth.

Wavelength Optimized Periodontal Therapy (WPT)

Step 1: Laser is used to remove the damaged tissue around the tooth.

Step 2: The dental plaque around the tooth is removed with the laser. This step removes the germs and the toxins from the root of the tooth.

Step 3: Laser is used to expose the bone underneath the tissue

Step 4: the endodontic explorer is used to perforate the periodontal bone which is necessary for tissue regeneration in later stages.

Step 5: Collagen plug is placed around the root of the tooth which helps in stabilizing the tooth by strengthening the blood clot.

Step 6: The clot is protected by placing light cured resin based composite. The clot matures and prevents the loss of your tooth.