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Homes Made Out Of Plastic

This innovation could create housing for millions of homeless people and clean up pollution in the process. Conceptos Plasticos is a company that specializes in building homes out of recycled plastics. It was founded by Oscar Andres Mendez, from Bogota, Colombia. Up to 650 tons of plastic are thrown out in Bogota every day in parts of Latin America, Africa, and Asia, up to 40% of the population don't have formal housing.

Oscar Andres Mendez Plastic Bricks

Conceptos Plasticos solves both problems at once. Discarded plastics and rubber are collected, shredded and compacted into Lego like bricks. The final product can create low cost, safe, and sturdy housing. it can also be disassembled and rebuilt elsewhere. Each home can be built in five days, with teams of four people. The final home is 430 square feet.

Conceptos Plasticos Plastic Homes

Conceptos Plasticos has built over 16,000 square feet of housing already and hope to build 240 new homes in 2016. This method would also allow communities to build their own homes. Oscars works won Unilever's Young Entrepreneur Awards. With any luck, we can stop homelessness and pollution at the same time.