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Four Ways Aliens Might Contacting Earth

Humans have been listening for signs from extraterrestrials for decades but what if we are going about it all wrong? Here are four ways aliens might be contacting us.

Aliens High Energy Signals

1. High Energy Signals

Scientists can only track signals sent over radio waves or visible light but there is an entire spectrum that could be used to contact us.

2. Manipulate Light

A single burst of bright light could get earth's attention but it would cost a lot of energy. So aliens might transmit the same dim signal repeatedly. We could miss this because we can't monitor the sky for a long time.

Robotic Probes

3. Robotic Probes

Extraterrestrials could send probes. Probes might take longer to travel than a beam of light but could carry more information. If the probe is not on a collision course for earth, we could miss it.

4. Megastructures

Instead of sending signals to earth, aliens may try to signal anyone who is watching. They could build a structure similar to a dyson sphere. Astronomers think they found a megastructure around the star KIC8462852 but our technology is limited, making it difficult to confirm. Are aliens trying to say hello? We may have to change our search methods or wait until our technology improves to find out. Either way, we may not be far from making contact.