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Fighting To Keep Kung Fu Alive

Suogugong master Li Liangui

70 year old Li Liangui is a master of Suogugong or Body Shrinking kung fu where practitioners dislocate their bones to shrink the size of their body. He's been practising the art for 50+ years but says he's receiving little support to pass the skill on.

Suogugong master Li Liangui  said "As soon as i'm gone, this thing will be gone completely. This is a huge regret."

Shaolin kung fu master Xing Xi

Shaolin kung fu master Xing Xi is also facing the same issue, struggling to ensure the art form is inherited by the next generation. Though most people are drawn by the 'cool' factor of martial arts. Many lack the commitment to master the art. Hundreds of different fighting styles have developed in China over the centuries. Martial arts became popular with action movies in the 1970s, but it's mainly valued as a form of self defence and a way to keep fit.