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Discover 10 Calcium Rich Fruits

Oranges Calcium Rich Fruit

ORANGES - An excellent choice with 43 mg per serving

KIWIS - 34 mg per 100g serving-A single cup contains 60mg!

DRIED APRICOTS - 5 mg of calcium in a 100g serving

DATES - A tasty treat! Each date contains around 15 mg of calcium


DRIED FIGS - 13 mg per each individual fig

RHUBARB - A solid choice, 348 mg of calcium in a single cup


PRICKLY PEARS - This exotic treat contains 58 mg of calcium per each pear

PRUNES - In addition to aiding the colon, prunes offer 75mg in a single cup

MULBERRIES - Can be hard to find so if you do, stock up! of calcium in 1 cup

KUMQUATS - Rich in flavor, kumquats are high in Vitamins A & C, and contain up to 12 mg of calcium