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Bhagavad Gita In Short

Bhagavad Gita In Short

Chapter 1 - Wrong thinking is the only problem in life.

Chapter 2 - Right knowledge is the ultimate solution to all our problems.

Chapter 3 - Selflessness is the only way to progress and prosperity

Chapter 4 - Every act can be an act of prayer

Chapter 5 - Renounce the ego of individuality and rejoice in the bliss of infinity

Chapter 6 - Connect to the higher consciousness daily.

Chapter 7 - Live what you learn

Chapter 8 - Never give up on yourself

Chapter 9 - Value your blessings

Chapter 10 - See divinity all around

Chapter 11 - Have enough surrender to see the Truth as it is

Chapter 12 - Absorb your mind and heart in the supreme lord

Chapter 13 - Detach from Maya and Attach to Divine

Chapter 14 - Live a lifestyle that matches your vision

Chapter 15 - Give priority to Divinity

Chapter 16 - Being good is a reward in itself

Chapter 17 - Choosing the right over the pleasant is a sign of power

Chapter 18 - Let's Go, Let's move to Union with God