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90 Year Old Bikes 18 Miles Every Day

Elena Galvez

This 90 year old grandmother bikes 18 miles everyday to earn a living. Elena Galvez lives alone with her hens and 4 cows. She sells eggs and makes cheese from the cow's milk. But because she lives in a poor rural community, no one buys from her. She has to bike 18 miles everyday to sell her produce. She has been doing this for almost 50 years.

She says "Without my bicycle, i have no life. Yesterday i went to Rengo on foot, my feet hurt so much. But when i am on my bike, nothing hurts. I don't get tired on my bike, it's my compadre, my friend. Iam nothing without her."

She believes that it keeps her strong and healthy. She may be old but nothing can stop her and her bike.