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5 Reasons To Use Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Apple maps took a lot of flack when it was released. For good reason it was so inaccurate CEO Tim Cook had to post an apology on Apple's website. But now Apple Maps is actually worth using. Here are 5 reasons why you should use Apple Maps.

1. It Moves With You. 
You can tap the compass arrow to make Apple Maps rotate as you move your phone. It's a great way to see what's nearby and in the opposite direction.

2. Better Public Transportation Directions
When taking public transit, Apple Maps gives specific walking directions to where you're going.

3. Remember Where You Parked
IOS 10 maps has a feature that will automatically remember your car's location. Which means no more trying to remember which row you're in.

4. Find Things Along The Way
Tapping the route information will bring up options for gas stations, food, and coffee along your route.

5. Add Custom Locations
Tapping the info button will bring up the option to mark your location. This can be used to add custom locations to your map app. You can both press and force press the marker for even more options.