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The Future Of Drones - White House Announcement

Future Of Drones

Drones have already changed the way we see our world.

  • Over the next 10 years, they'll change the way we live in it. 
  • Drones will deliver packages to our homes in minutes, instead of days.
  • They'll beam down internet to remote areas that have never been connected.
  • They'll help fight dangerous fires, keeping firefighters out of harm's way.
  • They'll help farmers plant smarter to increase their yield and feed more people.
  • Drones will dispatch life saving medical equipment long before ambulances arrive
  • They'll track critically endangered species without disturbing them.
  • They'll  inspect large aircraft after each flight to keep passengers safer.
  • They'll even join search and rescue efforts after natural disasters.
  • Commercial drones like amazon delivery drones will generate $82 billion for the US economy by 2025.

That will result in nearly 100,000 new jobs for Americans all while keeping us safer and protecting the environment