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Tesla's $5 Billion Gigafactory

Tesla's Gigafactory

This is Tesla's gigafactory which is a $5 billion factory outside of Reno, Nevada. Construction began two years ago and is about 14% complete. There are nearly 1,000 workers currently constructing the factory. The factory will be about 10 million square feet when finished which is about the size of 262 football fields. Making it one of the largest buildings in the world. Eventually the entire roof will be covered in solar panels. CEO Elon musk says the factory could easily employ 10,000 people in the next three to four years. The factory could nearly double the world's production of Lithium Ion batteries. Tesla says the factory will be producing 35 gigawatt hours of batteries by 2018 which is equivalent to the world's entire 2014 production. Musk says the factory will be able to produce 150 Gigawatt hours if it needs to.