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Sketching With Her Mouth - Robaba Mohammadi

Robaba Mohammadi

This young Afghan artist has big dreams and she's not letting her disability stop her. 16 year old Robaba Mohammadi was born with partial paralysis of the limbs and can't control her hands and feet. She learned to sketch and draw with her mouth less than 2 years ago. Now she has international exhibitions in her sights.

Robaba Mohammadi

Disabled artist Robaba Mohammadi said that "My dream is to hold my art exhibition in Aga Khan Museum, which is one of the biggest museums in Canada, and I'm requesting my people to help me in order to reach my dream, which is having my art exhibition in Canada."

Decades of conflict and poverty have prevented many Afghans from reaching their goals. many are unemployed and face discrimination in a society where disability is perceived as a weakness.