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Secret iPhone Codes

Secret iPhone Codes

These secret codes let you access hidden features in your iPhone

Block Caller ID

With a simple code you have the ability of masking your own phone number. To do this dial #31# and the phone number.

It'll look like this for the person receiving the phone call

See How Strong Your iPhone Signal Is

Signals bars are an imprecise way of measuring whether your signal is "Good" or "Bad". To do this you'll have to first enter a hidden "Field Test Mode" 

Dial : *3001#12345#* then call

Then immediately hold the power button you can explore these other complex options later. 

Once the power down screen pops up hold the home button until you're back on the homescreen. Now you have a super precise way of measuring reception. Here's how to read it

Find Your Phone's Unique Code

Every phone has it's own unique code identifier that is displayed inside the phone's settings. But you can access this quickly just by typing in *#06#

Discover Where Your Text Messages Go

Regular SMS works by forwarding your message wirelessly to a message center via a specific phone number. To figure out your carrier's secret number dial *#5005*7672# then call

Call Barring And Call Waiting

Call Barring allows you to block incoming and outgoing calls while Call Waiting allows you to place incoming or current calls on hold. If you pay for either of these services then you can use these codes:

*33*PIN# - Enables Call Barring
#33*PIN# - Disables Call Barring
*#43# and "Call" - Call Waiting Status
*43# and "Call" - Enables Call Waiting
#43# and "Call" - Disables Call Waiting
*#21# - Call Forwarding Status