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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner

Here's the coolest thing about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. For the first time in any Samsung phone, the Note 7 now has an Iris Scanner for an added layer of protection. On the front of the phone you'll notice a new NIR (Near Infrared Ray) scanner. Unlike a passcode which can be hacked or a thumbprint which can be replicated an Iris Scanner is much more secure. Infrared lights interact in a very unique fashion with the organic material in your eye.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

As it's actually looking at the intricate vein structure inside your Iris which is so unique that even identical twins don't have the same Iris structures. Meaning unless you've stolen someone's eye (Which you shouldn't be doing!) you're going yo have a very hard time getting into someone else's phone. Since Iris Scanners (unlike retinal scanners) use regular cameras. The whole process is extremely quick and easy. After briefly setting up your unique Biometric Identifier logging into the phone can be almost instantaneous.