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Paris Jackson Laughs Off Engagement Rumours

Paris Jackson

King of Pop Michael Jackson's daughter Paris has denied reports suggesting she is set to wed her rocker boyfriend. Paris, 18, and Michael Snoddy hit headlines recently amid wedding bell rumours, but she has made it clear the claims were unfounded in a series of Twitter posts, poking fun at the constant speculation about her private life, reported E! online.

"So many marriage and pregnancy rumors just in the past 3 years," she wrote. "What's next, me running for president? My boyfriend and I become super villains and try to take over the world? Come on now.

"I think if I were engaged I would be the first to know," Paris added, joking, "How am I just now finding out
about this?"

The youngster, who lost her pop icon father in 2009, hasn't been shy about her blossoming relationship with Snoddy, sharing a photo of the couple online last week.

The picture featured Snoddy planting a kiss on Paris' cheek at a photo shoot in New York City. In the accompanying caption, she wrote, "I've been his groupie for a while now, time to switch rolls." He shared the same image on his Instagram page, and made it known the feeling is mutual.