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Natural Remedies For Sore Throat

Coughing is a very common health problem that is caused because of blockage or irritant in the throat or upper air passage. Coughing can be caused due to many reasons like viral infection, common cold, flu, and smoking or health problems such as asthma, tuberculosis, and lung cancer. Some symptoms include itchy throat chest pain, and congestion. Instead of depending on the cough syrups, try out these natural cough treatment remedies available in your kitchen.

Hot Milk with Honey

Hot Milk with Honey

Milk and honey can help get over dry cough and reduce chest pain. It is advisable to do it before going to sleep. Another alternative is swallowing a tablespoon of honey on empty stomach. This will help clear the mucus and soothe your throat

Lemon Sore Throat


Lemon can use in multiple ways for curing cough, as it reduces inflammation and helps fight infection.

  • Two tablespoons of lemon  juice and one tablespoon of honey that makes the easiest and simple cough syrup. Drink it several times in a day. 
  • Another alternative is to make a blend of lemon juice and honey with a pinch of cayenne pepper and drink it.



Garlic has both antibacterial and antimicrobial components that help treat coughs.
  • Boil two to three cloves of garlic in a cup of water and add a teaspoon of oregano. Allow it to cool to room temperature, add some honey and drink it. This will help your breathing and alleviate other cough symptoms.
  • Eat a clove of crushed garlic mixed with a few drops of clove oil and some honey for sore throat relief. You can also use garlic in your cooking
Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice

Carrot has multiple vitamins and nutrients which will relieve various symptoms of cough.
1. Fresh juice four/ five carrots dilute it in some water; you can also add honey to make it taste better.
2. Drink the juice three to four times a day until your symptoms improve. 

These remedies will give relief from various symptoms of cough without any side effects which are caused by the cough syrups and pills. But it is advisable consult a doctor if cough lasts for more than two weeks.