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NASA Scientists Believe Extraterrestrial Life On Enceladus

Saturn moon Enceladus

NASA Scientists believe Saturn's moon, Enceladus, may have extraterrestrial life. 

NASA's senior planetary scientist Chris Mckay said that "The question of life beyond the Earth is not solved. That mystery is still open. Our best chance at making progress on it is , in fact, investigating Enceladus. If we discover a second genesis of life on Enceladus, this is a huge event. This is where we go from alone in the universe to a universe full of life forms. Right now i spend my days planning for a mission to Enceladus. If all goes well, we'll launch in a few years. Then it will take about ten years to get there. Then we fly through the plume, collect the sample, and directly search for evidence of life. It's an amazing possibility that in ten years or so from now, we will have direct evidence of a second genesis of life in our Solar System. I am focusing all my energy on Enceladus because that is where we are going to find it. That's where we are going to go search."

Although Enceladus is small and icy, it appears to be habitable. It has organic compounds, an underground ocean, and it's the first place besides Earth that has hydrothermal activity. There may even be creatures with entirely different biochemistry from that on Earth!