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Mine Hunting Drone By Afghan Brothers

Mine Hunting Drone

Former refugees Massoud Hassani and his brother Mahmud build technology to rid the world of landmines. Their latest mine hunting device combines drones, 3D printing, robotics, mapping and a metal detector. These drone flies over the area with a metal detector, so the metal detector has a robotic arm and it detects landmines below the ground.

Mine Hunting Drone

The Mine Kafon drone puts with a robotic arm, it puts a small detonator on top of every detection, then it blows up from a safe distance. They claim drones can destroy landmines up to 20 times faster than other methods.They're crowdfunding the drone in order to field test the prototype in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is one of the countries most affected by landmines.

Speaking to media Massoud Hassani said that "I was born in Afghanistan, in Kabul. We used to play there on a really big field and back then, a lot of kids, they got hurt because of the landmines. We have seen a lot of people losing their limbs. We have lost our friends, basically. So that was the main inspiration to get rid of landmines in a safe way.

I have always dreamed to go back with something really nice to the country. It's obviously very emotional for us because i haven't been there for almost 18 years now. our dream is to create a product that can detect and destroy landmines safely so nobody needs to go into a field."