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Glowing Blue Sea In China

Glowing Blue Sea

The water surrounding a city in China is glowing blue at night. The natural phenomenon is called the "Blue Tear". It's caused by organisms called Noctiluca Scintillans, or "Sea Sparkle". They produce waves of glowing blue light. The light has appeared in waters surrounding the city of Changle in east China. It has lasted for four nights since it started on July 30.

Glowing Blue Sea

The organisms are a species of dinoflagellate distributed in seas all over the world. They produce the light when disturbed by waves and are the major algae that can cause the red tide phenomenon. A massive bloom of algae which can be a threat to marine life. But Chinese researchers say the area is not at risk because there are so few of them. It is not yet clear when the "Blue Tear" spectacle will end.