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First Driverless Taxi Trialed In Singapore

Would you get in a taxi without a driver? The first driverless taxi has hit the streets of Singapore. Developer nuTonomy asked a group of people to download its app and ride its 'robo-taxi' in a limited public trial.

Doug Parker nuTonomy Chief Operating Officer said "This is really a moment in history that's going to change how cities are built, and how we really look at our surroundings."

The trial rides took place in a Mitsubishi i-MiEv electric vehicle with an engineer sitting behind the wheel to take control of the car if needed. The service is expected to launch in 2018 with 100 taxis working commercially in the Southeast Asian city state. There's been an increased interest in driverless taxis recently. Swedish automaker Volvo AB said last week it would provide a similar service in partnership with ride hailing service Uber