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Cyclotron Spokeless Bike - Revolutionary Hubless Smart Cycle

Cyclotron Spokeless Bike

The Cyclotron is a bicycle from the future. There are no spokes and the tires are airless. The app and sensors offer navigation and training modes. These features also allow you to track the bike it it's stolen.

Cyclotron Spokeless Bike Lights

Like most smart bikes, it has built-in lights. Also, the gears shift electronically in under 0.2 seconds. The bicycle weighs roughly 26 pounds, a little heavy for a carbon fiber bike.

Cyclotron Spokeless Bike

With no spokes, you can store things in your wheels and you can also change the riding position for comfort or sport. Funders on Kickstarter paid over $3,000 each to get their own Cyclotron.Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until next year to pick up your groceries tron style.