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Avelia Liberty - High Speed Train By Amtrak

Avelia Liberty

A new revolution is coming to America. Next generation high speed trains, proven 5th generation technology. 1100+ Avelia high speed trains sold in 21 different countries transporting 4 billion passengers, 4 billion miles of service, 35+ years of revenue service.


Avelia Liberty is comfortable high speed service. Common platform enables revenue service from 160 mph up to 220 mph with the same train.

Tiltronix active tilting technology reduces journey times on existing rail infrastructure.

  • Welcoming relaxing interiors to attract new riders.
  • Universal accessibility
  • Proven, maximum safety for the engineer and passengers.
  • Crash Energy Management
  • Proven and unmatched articulated architecture
Minimize operating cost

  • 20% less energy consumption
  • 30% lighter