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Aiding Aleppo's Vulnerable Children

Aleppo orphanage offers hope for vulnerable children. This orphanage on the outskirts of the war-torn Syrian city offers a much needed lifeline for thousands of children whose parents have died during the 5 year civil war. Many Syrian orphans are vulnerable to being recruited soldiers. Some as young as 7 are offered monthly 'salaries and gifts to join the war. The Islamic Orphanage in Azaz collects children from surrounding villages and provides them with schooling and food.

A Orphan Mohammed Nour said that "I come in the morning and play, I study with my friends and my name is Mohammed Nour, when i grow i want to be an engineer. "

The orphanage was set up in 1945 and relies on donations for funding. It cares for 400 boys a day. A rare facility in a country where thousands are killed each day.