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7 Least Affordable Cities To Live In US

While these cities hold the most opportunities, they are least affordable places to live in the US.

San Francisco California

1. San Francisco, California - The tech industry has bumped up the median home price to more than $800, 000

Orange County California

2. Orange County, California - Warm waters and corporate offices combine to make only 20% of homes affordable

Los Angeles California

3. Los Angeles, California - Booming industries and warm weather make only 20% of homes affordable.

New York City New York

4. New York City, New York - While NYC has always drawn people in, it's become increasingly unaffordable

San Jose California

5. San Jose, California - The silicon valley gold rush is making median home prices of $625,000

San Diego California

6. San Diego, California - A great climate and decent jobs make less than 1/3 of homes affordable.

Honolulu Hawaii

7. Honolulu, Hawaii - Great weather and limited room make for a median home price of $430,000