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5 Wild Uses For Your Android Smartphone

Run a Retro Gaming Console

1. Run a Retro Gaming Console

An Android can easily be rigged up to a TV but can also be used to run an old gaming console emulator. Apps such as Retroarch can run old consoles like Nintendo or Sega Genesis and connect bluetooth controllers.

Virtual Reality Headset

2. Virtual Reality Headset

Some Android apps offer rough virtual reality simulations. You can create your own DIY VR Headset or purchase one such as Samsung's Gear VR.

Wi-FI Extender

3. Wi-Fi Extender

Boost your Wifi signal with apps such as Fqrouter2 that picks up a signal and strengthens it by repeating it. You can also create a portable hotspot to share with other devices if your device isn't rooted.

Security Camera

4. Security Camera

Turn your android into a Wifi enabled security camera with motion sensitive apps. The Securet Spycam app automatically emails photos to the user through triggered motions.

Robot Brain

5. Robot Brain

An android can function as the "Brains" behind many kinds of robots. For example, Arm's cubestormer 3 solves any rubik's cube under 4 seconds. The Smartbot MK2 is widely programmable and uses your android to navigate and interact with the environment.