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5 Things To Do In Rio de Janeiro

Here are the five amazing things that you can do in Rio de Janeiro.

Cristo Redentor

1. Cristo Redentor - Christ The Redeemer

Cristo Redentor is one of the world's greatest icons. The height of the statue is 30 metres (98 feet) tall and its arms stretch 28 metres (92 feet) wide. The statue is located on top of Corcovado Mountain in Tijuca National Park overlooking the city of Rio.

Praia The Beach

2. A Praia - The Beach

Copacabana is one of the most famous beach in the world. This 4 km balneario beach consists of 63 hotels and 10 hostels in Copacabana

Sugarloaf Mountain

3. Pao De Acucar - Sugarloaf Mountain

This Sugarloaf Mountain is 396 meters (1,299 ft) above the harbor and it is well known to the world for its cableway and panoramic views of the city.

Jardim Botanico Botanical Garden

4. Jardim Botanico - Botanical Garden
This is one of the best experience in Rio de Janeiro which is not be missed. It is located at the Jardim Botânico district in the "Zona Sul" (South Zone) of Rio de Janeiro.

5. Asa Delta - Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is one of the special and exiting experience in Rio de Janeiro.You will have the unique sensation of flying like a bird and have beautiful view of mountains and the city.