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5 Most Annoying Things About Pokemon GO

Lack Of Tracking

1. Lack Of Tracking

Originally, A built in 3 step tracker would guide you towards nearby Pokemon. It worked pretty well at first but then a glitch made it seem like everything was 3 steps away and a popular 3rd party tracker called pokevision shut down but niantic is testing a new tracking feature with a limited release.

2. Fleeing Pokemon

As you level up, you will encounter higher level Pokemon which can be tougher to capture including more common Pokemon like pidgey and rattata. This can make the game more frustrating for advanced players. Niantic also acknowledged that there's a capture related glitch.

Egg Streme Disappointment

3. Egg Streme Disappointment

Some rare Pokemon like snorlax and lapras can be hatched from 10 KM eggs but they are hard to come by, compared to 5 KM and 2 KM eggs. And you can only have 9 at a time, so you'll have to hatch them to make room for more. 10km eggs are a lot fo work to hatch, and you may just end up with an eevee.

4. Glitchy Gyms

Taking over and defending gyms will reward you with stardust, coins, and XP. But in cities like New York, so many people are playing that it's hard to hold them for more than a few minutes. And you might get booted mid-battle for no reason due to an in game error. Some players are also putting eggs in gyms making them impossible to beat.


5. Cheaters

Players are using tools to spoof their GPS into thinking they are in different parts of the world. Allowing them to catch Pokemon anywhere without actually walking and to level up quickly. This also makes it easy to catch region specific ones like MR. Mime, Tauros, Farfetch'd, and Kangaskhan but Niantic has a form you can fill out online to report someone for cheating, which may result in a ban from the game. Hpefully niantic will address these issues future updates.