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5 Fun Space Facts

Astronauts drink their own urine and other space food facts.

John Glenn first food applesauce

1. The first food eaten in space was applesauce. U.S astronaut John Glenn ate it through a straw in 1962.

2. The first solid, non dehydrated food eaten in space was a corned beef sandwich which U.S astronaut John Young snuck onto his spacecraft in 1965.

Urine In Space

3. Urine is used as a form of hydration in space. U.S astronauts use filtration systems to clean urine and wastewater.

4. The beverage Tang was Not developed for NASA. Despite popular belief, Tang was created by General Foods for regular consumers.

Space Food Sticks

5. Space food may have inspired energy bars. Food scientists created Space Food Sticks, meal replacement bars packed with nutrients.