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5 Facts About Elephants

5 Huge Facts About The Biggest Animals On Land.

Elephants can get sunburned

1. Elephants can get sunburned. They can cover themselves in sand as a natural sunscreen.

Elephants swimmers

2. Elephants are excellent swimmers. Their long trunks can reach the water's surface, like a snorkel

Elephants cant jump

3. Elephants are one of the few mammals that can't jump. Their legs are too slender to propel their massive weight upwards.

Rock hyrax

4. The elephant's closest living relative is the rock hyrax. The hyrax shares similar skeletal features with elephants including tiny tusks.

Elephants eat

5. Elephants eat up to 600 pounds of vegetation a day. Which can add up o more than 70,000 calories!