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400 Years Old Greenland Shark - World's Oldest Shark

400 Years Old Greenland Shark

Scientists discovered the oldest shark in the world, and it's called a Greenland Shark. A team examined the eyes of 28 dead Greenland Sharks and used radiocarbon dating to discover the oldest was 400 years.

Greenland Shark

Greenland Sharks spend their lives in frigid North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans and take 150 years to reach maturity. They swim through the water at a sluggish pace and only rarely travel to the water's surface which makes them difficult to study in detail. There are still many questions about this shark that scientists don't know.

Peter Bushnell from Indiana University said that "We were blown away by the lifespan of these sharks. We don't know how big babies are, where they're born .. i mean, it's actually pathetic how little we know about these creatures."