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3 Smart Tricks For Travel On The Cheap

Travel On The Cheap

Trying to hack your way into better travel savings? just be careful, some hacks hurt more than help. Instead try these smart tricks for travel on the cheap.

Book Your Flight In Advance

1. Book Your Flight 1-4 Months In Advance

There is no "magical time" to book a flight, so don't waste your time!

Car Rental

2. Head Straight To The Source For Your Car Rental

Websites like Hotwire and Priceline advertise low prices. It can pay to skip the middleman, so start with the company they may surprise you!

3. Don't Be Satisfied With Your First Hotel Search

Find a great hotel deal can take time, so stay vigilant and shop around. To guarantee your're happy with your final purchase keep checking the site like Kayak and Expedia to get the very best deal.