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2 Killed Taking Selfies At Tanda Waterfall

2 Killed Taking Selfies Tanda Waterfall

Taking a selfie kills a young man in India. This is the spot at Tanda waterfall, Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh where two young men tripped and fell while taking selfies. One of them died and the other suffered critical injuries. Liquor bottles were recovered near the scene of the accident. Police say steps need to be taken to ensure safety for tourists. Mirzapur Police Ratan Kumar Shrivastav said that "I certainly agree that measures should have been taken by authorities, but that was not the case."

Around 6 people have died in similar accidents near the waterfall in the past month. 3 died while taking selfies. The accident comes a day after Indian athlete Pooja Kumari drowned after falling into a pond while taking a selfie