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World Cup For Robots - RoboCup 2016

RoboCup 2016

Germany didn't win Euro 2016, but they were the champions of RoboCup 2016. RoboCup has been dubbed the World Cup for Robots. It is an international initiative that fosters research in robotics through sports. The main event of the series is the RoboCup Standard Platform League. This league only allows for identical robots to compete with each other. This year, the pitch was fielded by NAO V5 humanoids from Aldebaran Robotics.

RoboCup 2016

The robots are fully autonomous, only running software developed by their engineers. Teams from all over the world play two 10 minutes halves on a 9 by 6 meter pitch. In the final, Germany's B-Human team beat UT Austin's Austin Villa by a score of 3-0. RoboCup aims to have a team of robots that can beat humans by 2050.