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Who Is Theresa May

Theresa May

Did you know that Theresa May is big fan of the former cricketer Geoffrey Boycott? She admires the way the Yorkshireman "solidly got on with what he was doing." Away from cricket, Mrs May loves shoes and especially leopard print ones. Someone once paid a whopping 17,500 pounds just to go shoe shopping with her. She's also into cooking, but isn't a fan of cookbooks from TV chef Delia Smith. She doesn't like Delia's precise recipes and prefers Jamie Oliver's relaxed style.

Mrs May went to Oxford University and then worked for the Bank of England. While she was at Oxford, she met her husband Philip May, who is a banker. In 2002 she called for change, to try to get rid of the Tories' "nasty party" tag. Elected as an MP in 1997, Mrs May was the first female Conservative party chair. And in 2010 she became Home Secretary as part of the coalition government. Mrs May had to apologise for an advert urging immigrates to go home.

But she did manage to deport the radical cleric Abu Qatada. He went on trial in Jordan for terrorism offences but was found not guilty. During the EU referendum campaign she backed Remain but many Tories didn't.