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Ocean Health Check With The Help Of Sharks

Ocean Health Check Sharks

Five trillion pieces of plastic are floating in the world's seas. By 2050, it could weigh more than all the fish in the ocean. Scientists are using sharks to measure pollution levels and study its impact.

Expedition Leader ocean tech Choy Aming said that "As animals are digesting the animals that they have eaten and they are also ingesting the toxins, the plastics and all the man made pollutants we are putting into the ocean. So it works its way up the food chain into the sharks." Ocean pollution from plastics could also pose a danger to human health.

Plastics In The Ocean

"That's all plastics. That's all different things whether it's come from a pair of flip flops, a toothbrush, bottles. plastic, you know."

Marine Biologist Dr Robbie Smith said that "The only place it can go when it's in the food web is up to the top and we're sitting at the top. So we have the most to lose by losing access to these food resources.