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How 5G Will Change The World?

5G promises to be 100X faster than 4G and 25,000X faster than 3G. When it gets here, how will our world change?

The possibilities are so much bigger than 5 second movie downloads. It will change how we learn. With 5G, immersive virtual reality training simulators could be accessed anywhere.

It will change how we commute. With 5G autonomous cars could talk to each other to avoid traffic congestion. It will change how we're cared for.

With 5G, ambulances could transmit live video to emergency room doctors en route. It will change how we do business. With 5G, factory equipment could diagnose and repair itself without halting production. It will change how we explore. With 5G, parks and public transit could be blanketed in gigabit speed wireless internet. So, when can we expect it?

The White House has just detailed new plans to supercharge America with 5G. They will $400 million into wireless testing and research over the next seven years. The Obama backed plan is called the Advanced Wireless Research Initiative. So get ready. The future is not as far away as you think.