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Cat Saved From Railway Power Grid

Cat Saved by Blue Cross

The Blue Cross of India on friday rescued a cat that had got stuck on the railway power grid and continued to remain there for the past five days.

The organisation responded to a call from a resident near St Thomas Mount railway station. The feline, which appeared to be very sick and dehydrated, was unable to escape. Though many young men attempted to rescue it by placing long wooden poles between the grid and the nearly building, it did not budge. A student who volunteered to climb the post had to be stopped due to risks involved.

"I contacted the Government Railway Police and inspector who instructed the railway electrical team to switch off the grid for about 15 minutes, during which time, we rescued the cat," said Dawn Williams of Blue Cross.

"A Blue Cross staffer climbed the post after the power was switched off, caught the cat and let it fail into one of the butterfly nets that volunteers had held out below. The animal was later released, he said.