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7 Things That Happen On The Internet In One Second

Internet In One Second

In only 1 second, the internet distributes a tremendous amount of data. The real time statistics project has data on how much we use the internet. Over 3 billion people use the internet and that number will only increase. Here what happens on the internet in a single second.

1. The internet deals around 36,098 GB of traffic per second.

2. More than 700 photos are uploaded to Instagram.

2000 Skype calls

3. More than 2,000 Skype calls are made.

7200 Tweets

4. More than 7,200 Tweets are posted on Twitter.

55000 Google searches

5. Over 55,000 Google searches are made.

YouTube videos

6. Over 1,25,800 YouTube videos are viewed.

million emails

7. Over 2.5 million emails are sent per second. Approximately 67% of which are Spam.