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7 Secrets About The Sex Lives Of Ordinary People

Sex Lives Of Ordinary People

7 things scientists might know about your sex life.  

1. People are Kinkier than you think they are

according to journal of sex research one in three surveyed enjoyed some kind of Kinky behavior.

Most popular Kinks
Voyeurism - Watching others have sex
Fetishism - Getting turned on by now sexual objects 
Exhibitionism - Having sex where you might get caught.

2. Many people experiment with their sexuality even if they don't identify as gay 

More than 17% of women reported having sexual contact with other women. One in 10 straight identifying men in NYC was having sexual relationships with other men. 

3. She might not "Finish" as often as he thinks she does. 

85% of men thought their partner orgasmed the last time they had sex. Only 64% of women responded  that they had. 

4. Men and women have similar fantasies

82% of men and women listed "Having sex in an unusual place" as one of their top three fantasies. 

5. We can't agree on what "Having Sex" really is

Almost everyone agreed that vaginal intercourse was definitely sex but only 80% of respondents said that anal sex counted. Almost a third of participants thought Oral sex doesn't count as sex. 

6. College kids make "Friends With Benefits" actually work sometimes.

In a small study of 300 college kids, nearly half reported that they stayed as close or became closer to their friend, even after the sex stopped.

7. Nearly everyone is sexting each other

At least 88% of heterosexual adults reported sexting at some point in their lives. 82% in the last year alone.