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What If Their Is No Fish In This World

No Fish In This World

If all the fish in the world suddenly vanished? The entire food chain could collapse. Animals that eat fish could be first to go. Fish account for 17% of the world's animal protein intake, people would have to find another food to eat. Roughly 700 million people depend of fishing as a source of income. Their jobs could disappear, too.

The oceans store a huge amount of carbon, tiny marine plants called phytoplankton absorb carbon and fish eat them, then swim down to store the carbon deep in the ocean. Without fish, earth's carbon levels could be on the rise. Exacerbating climate change. Unfortunately, overfishing is already starting some of these changes.

Today, nearly a third of marine life is overfished. Fishing sustainably could help prevent terrible consequences like these ones. Besides all the physical effect imagine how empty the oceans would be without over 1 trillion tons of fish.