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What Causes A Song To Be Banned


Norwegian musician Pal Moddi Knutsen decided to find out. His project, Unsongs, found over 400 pieces of banned music from around the world. Some went back centuries. The most recent is Punk Prayer by Russian group Pussy Riot. Most people when they listen to Pussy Riot they think it's just circus. So i tried to remove some of that noise, trying to take the melody back to its original roots in Rachmaninov and making it into a hymn or a psalm. The form which they chose was really offensive but that's not really the reason why it got banned and that's not the reason why they were imprisoned for two years. The reason for that is because of the content of the lyrics and that's why i thought it was important to make a version that everyone can understand. Moddi has reworked 12 banned songs into a album. Discovering why lyrics become suppressed strengthened his belief in the power of music.