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Travel 5 Africa's Big Five

Travel 5 Africas Big FIve

Elephant  - Elephants herds roam through 37 countries in Africa. African elephants are the largest land animals on Earth.

Lion - Not the king of the jungle, that's one habitat where lions don't actually live. Tanzania leads Afica in lion population, with about 40% of the continent's 20,000.

Rhinoceros - Number of black rhinos : 3,600 that's a 95% drop since 1960. Southern white Rhinos 20,000 and Northern white Rhinos 3.

Leopard - Of the African big cats, leopards live in the widest variety of habitats. These predators stash their prey in trees to keep hyenas from stealing it.

African Buffalo - No easy prey, the african buffalo can charge at 35 mph. People have tried to domesticate the African buffalo. It hasn't worked.