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Tiny Portable Air Conditioner

Geizeer Tiny Portable Air Conditioner

This is tiny portable air conditioner will keep you cool for hours on a single charge. It relies on battery power and a reusable frozen core. It costs less than 1 cent a day to operate.

Tiny Portable Air Conditioner

The wooden box keeps the ice pack cold for four hours and a gap in the shells allows for chilled air to be sent in every direction. A fan sends room temperature air past the ice pack which instantly cools the air. It turns on when the two halves are connected. There are no switches or buttons, it creates a 4 foot area of cool air. The battery is recharged through micro USB. Geizeer's creators have taken it to kickstarter to fund their project. The final product will retail for about $106 with summer on its way. This ict box could be a welcome addition to many people's homes.